Call For Contributions

First International Workshop on

external image susy.pngRequirements Engineering for Sustainable Systems

March 19, 2012 in Essen, Germany at RefsQ'12

Susy deserves a livable world. How can we design socio-technical systems that preserve the next generations?

Workshop Goals
1/ Define a RE4SuSy research agenda through multidisciplinary, collaborative and creative activities.
2/ Bootstrap collaboration by forming several focused working teams and setting up a community of interest.

Requirements engineers will meet invited experts from disciplines including philosophy, economy, climate science and systems engineering.
There will be a mix of participants’ presentations, group brainstorming, team refinement of ideas and evaluation by experts.
Online collaborative activities will precede and follow the workshop (e.g., discussions during the open review process, finalization of the research agenda, and publication of the agenda as a collaborative paper).
The workshop will be facilitated for an efficient collaborative and creative work.

Birgit Penzenstadler (Technische Universität München)
Martin Mahaux (FUNDP Namur)
Camille Salinesi (Université Paris 1)

Themes Include
Understand RE4SuSy; adapt/invent RE4SuSy techniques and tools; modeling, defining, measuring, assessing sustainability in RE…

Submissions and Dates
We welcome problem statements, visions, positions, controversies, reports and results as:
  • short papers up to 6 pages LNCS,
  • contributions in any other format (posters, video clips, multi-media...) accompanied by a 1-page extended abstract.
Examples for such formats:

After a first screening by the workshop organizers, submissions will be reviewed by peers and our Program Committee via a wiki-based constructive open review process. The goal of this process is to take submissions to the desirable level of quality rather than rejecting the lower quality ones. Authors can however request blind review process should they prefer. Contributions will be published in the RefsQ workshops joint proceedings.
  • Email to
  • Deadline on 29th of Jan 2012 (latest!)
  • Notification on 25th of Feb 2012.
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