Agenda for the Workshop on March 19, 2012

Beside the pre-existing content of the submissions, we will be using our time together to produce new content. In this context, we expect a lot of interaction between people that will have as mission to select the most promising research directions, and form task teams that will start to pursue them in a short future. This interaction will be highly facilitated, taking into account the most recent body of knowledge in this field. To this end, seen the multi-disciplinary character of sustainability, we plan to invite people from other fields that have a needed knowledge about sustainability. For example, philosophers, social scientists, economists, environmentalists. Participants will be asked to present short keynotes about what they know, or about what they need, as well as to participate in the rest of the process towards our goals.

The agenda is:
  • Warm-up with ice-breaking exercise (improv-based) & introduction
    → everybody knows each other
  • Short presentations of the contributions
    → 5 minutes per contribution to present the elevator pitch in 3 slides (title, content, next steps)
    → 5 minutes for clarification questions and hints for future work
  • (Coffeebreak)

  • Group work: Sketch research agenda
    → framing of the topic by workshop organizers
    → brainstorm for and discuss
    → first sketch of research agenda
  • Team work: take one research idea further and decide on first actions
    → refinement of ideas→ facilitation of new collaboration
  • Presentation of team work to group
    → action plan for next steps
  • Wrap-up & Feedback