RE4SuSyLogo.gifFirst International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Sustainable Systems (RE4SuSy)

18th International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (RefsQ'12)
Researchers have recently started to explore how to support the elicitation and documentation of sustainability requirements. In the mean time, ubiquitous socio-technical systems alter the way we live, and consequently have a potentially huge impact on sustainability. As sustainability is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity in the coming decades, we must reinforce research in this direction and ensure it is appropriately rooted in the practice. We believe
that the RE discipline should collaborate with other discipines interested in that matter, for example, social sciences, psychology, economics, systems engineering, etc.
This workshop will provide an interactive stage to collaboratively define a research agenda in RE for sustainable systems, and also to jumpstart collaboration through the live creation of teams that commit to work together on concrete points of this agenda.

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