This page is intended to gather a list of ideas for discussion during the workshop and to facilitate further brainstorming.

  • Taxonomy of support activities (e.g., w.r.t. energy efficiency, optimization of usage processes, etc.)
  • Impact calculation: How to measure the impact (and, hopefully, improvement) that our activities for supporting sustainability have in practice.

Results from the Brainstorming at the 1st RE4SuSy Workshop in Essen

  • Understanding sustainability and sustainable systems: building interdisciplinary platforms for undertaking RE4SuSy research. How can we understand what sustainability means and harness the knowledge of other disciplines to achieve sustainable systems, taking into account that there is no single definition for sustainability, as it depends at least on the context and evolve over time?
  • Roles and Scoping:
    • Is RE4SuSy different to ordinary RE? Or is it just another NFR to optimize?
    • Who are the main RE4SuSy stakeholders?
  • Vertical / illustrative case study (E-mobility, SOA, etc.). It is suggested that, in parrallel to more theoretical studies, applied research on specific cases should be undertaken to get a feeling from the practice and test preliminary ideas. specific intersing areas are suggested such as Cloud Applications for 1st level impacts, and smart grids for 2nd level.
  • Quality model, metrics, impact, attributes that will help charaterize precisely sustainable systems.
  • Cross-disciplinary future roadmapping. Ensuring the satisfaction of future needs requires having a look at the future. How can we impact the present by looking at the future?

Brainstorming Session at the 1st RE4SuSy Workshop in Essen